USHEALTH Advisors Improving its Business

USHEALTH Advisors LLC is the distribution arm of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. The agency is underwritten by the two subsidiaries of the USHEALTH Group Inc called the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company.

USHEALTH Advisors LLC has been outstanding in its performance over the past handful of years or so. The company was a winner of 15 Stevie awards over the course of five years. Earlier this year in 2017, USHEALTH Advisors won the gold from Stevie for Beast Sales and Costumer support. The business of USHEALTH Advisors prides itself on the customer service and is continually expanding its ranks.

Up to date, USHEALTH Advisors has about 1 500 employees who are working all across the United States of America. Any client is able to find the nearest agent and schedule a meeting through the PPO service that is easily accessible on the website of the company.

Back in 2010, the head of the USHEALTH Advisors LLC was Mr. Troy McQuagge. During his four years of leadership, he managed to rebuild the operation of USHEALTH Advisors as well as to improve upon the business significantly. He played a large role in establishing the distribution agency as one of the most reliable providers of health coverage in the United States of America.

Mr. Troy McQuagge as recognized for his professional achievements with a promotion in 2014. He was appointed the post of chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group Inc, and after that, the title of President was also added to his responsibilities.

The additional power in the company that as given to Mr. Troy McQuagge allowed him to expand upon his work. He helped the company establish a number of improvements, and he won a couple of awards in the process, and so did the business of USHEALTH Group Inc as a whole.

Back in 2016, Mr. Troy McQuagge won the gold in twice. He was named the CEO of the Year by the highly esteemed One Planet Awards. December 2016, Mr. Troy McQuagge also received the gold for another title for his achievements in business. USHEALTH Advisors and USHEALTH Group have been having a great time. Visit: