The Establishment Of Herman Law By Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman has earned global recognition for his passion and commitment to seek justice for victims of sex abuse. He has practiced law for decades. Many survivors of the abuse have benefited from his services. The incidences of rape and sexual exploitation have increased over the years and he aims to ensure that all the offenders get punished for the offenses. One of his main activities in seeking justice involves conducting forensic interviews with the victims. Herman has always shown compassion towards the victims that he has represented in court. To spread the awareness and ensure justice for all victims in the country, he has involved himself with the coaching of individuals such as law enforcement officers and health practitioners on how to help the victims recover fast.


According to the attorney, compassion can help to make the recovery period shorter. In the courtroom, he acts with a lot of enthusiasm in disclosing the evidence collected against the offenders. Jeff Herman has been involved in high profile cases. Some of the offenders are from churches, learning institutions, and other places that are often presumed to be safe. One of the most notable legal battles that he handled involved a member of the clergy. The law firm only caters to the victims of sexual abuse. It also follows up on the condition of the victims to ensure that they have resumed their normal lives after the inhumane act. See This Page for more information.


Currently Managing Partner of Herman Law, Jeff Herman urges the other lawyers to show compassion towards their clients and not just the money. He acknowledges that his job is not easy and that it requires a strong personality to endure the experiences. He reveals that by helping the victims of sexual abuse, he feels that he has made a bigger impact in the society. According to him, the sexual offenses are traumatizing to the clients and they experience a hard time trying to talk to other people about it. He uses a team of experts to collect and examine the evidence collected to determine whether they’ll go ahead with the case or look for more of it.



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