The Career And Accomplishments Of Personable And Creative Biran Bonar

Brian Bonar is The Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation with a style and passion for design and attention to detail. His experience includes contract administration, procurement, the development of design, and the design of building.Brian Bonar has built his reputation as a leader with a desire to help his clients and the members of his team achieve their goals. His profile is a combination of commercial, retail, housing for multi families, and aviation. He is highly experienced in educational projects with the knowledge and skills to make him an asset to teams, projects, and establishing the relationships with clients.He was the Who’s Who Executive of The Year for Cambridge in the field of finances, a significant honor. He was chosen based on his academic achievements, abilities in leadership roles, and accomplishments. He has more than thirty years of experience in professional management in finances. He is the CEO of Dalrada Financial and has handled the employer and employee benefits and aftermarket products for the company.

Brian Bonar’s work for Dalrada includes risk management insurance, employee benefits, and services for business management. He additionally holds the position of CEO for Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. He is the CEO for Imaging Technologies Corporation, a company specializing in digital imaging hardware and color management software. He is excited due to the acquisition of the source One Group. The organization helps businesses in the small to medium range with assistance in human resources and payroll.Brian Bonar has gained popularity and success as a financial executive. He leads Trucept, Incorporated and his background is extensive in leadership with experience serving companies like Dalrada Financial Corporation. His technical background is responsible for part of his success and has taught him how to build a business structure that works incredibly well.

Brian Bonar attended the James Watt Technical College where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Technical Engineering. His Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering came from Stafford University. He worked as a procurement manager for IBM before moving to QMS. In his position as the Director of Engineering he was responsible for managing in excess of 100 individuals. He remained in his position as the Sales Manager for Adaptec until he felt he had enough experience and then he began his own company. The company was called Bezier Systems and even after it was founded he continued to work for a few assorted companies. He found true success with Dalrada Financial Services. The company considered him to be a wonderful colleague and very helpful.Brian Bonar’s specialties include acquisitions and mergers. His approach to life is personable and creative and it combines the technical aspects of an engineer with the creativity of an architect. Also visit his Facebook page: