Tammy Mazzocco Loves To Work With Live Customers

Tammy Mazzocco is someone who has a lot of experience in and knowledge about the real estate industry. Therefore, she knows the type of customers she needs in order to bring in the greatest sales. Of all the lead companies that she works with, her favorite types of lead companies are those that bring in live customers to her. She understands that when she can speak to a customer on the phone, she can more easily set an appointment. For one thing, the conversation is more organic and she can better connect with the live customer. She is also very good at gaining the trust of the individual.

According to ideamensch.com, one of the reasons that live interaction is so good is that this does not involve someone having to read off of a script. Instead, she can respond to the customer. Plus, live customers are already somewhat interested in what Tammy Mazzocco’s company has to offer. Therefore, they are already warmed up to her. All she has to do is connect with the customer and answer any concerns they may have. Then she can set the appointment for the customer to meet with someone and come to an agreement. Tammy Mazzocco loves the personal approach to working with live customers.

While there have been many advancements in technology that allow for some of the more convenient ways of communicating, nothing is going to replace actually meeting and talking to someone. The personal interaction is what helps people connect with one another and get a feel of who the person truly is. This can also help them form lasting relationships that could be deep and meaningful. After all, relationships are an important part of business, and Tammy Mazzocco loves to form them. A large part of business success depends on one’s social skills.


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