Services offered by US Money Reserve to investors

According to Crunchbase, US money Reserve is a private company that distributes precious metals and coins minted by the government. The company was started in 2001 to help in selling these assets to investors and in return make some profits from these trades. Over one million coins have been sold to 400,000 clients over this period.

Coins are made of gold, silver, and platinum. They have some monetary value thus are used as currency and are acceptable in different types of trades undertaken by people. When you plan on purchasing these coins, contact the company for specialized assistance from top experts. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The company has helped in popularizing coins in different states. More people are encouraged to store their wealth in these appreciating assets and resell them when they are selling at higher prices. Here are some reasons why the company has been winning in this field:

  • Provision of Buyback on sold coins; The Company guarantees full repayment to customers who buy genuine coins from them. Bullion purchases are not eligible for any form of refund since customers violate some policies when purchasing the assets. The package must be sent back to the company within 30 days after purchase. It should be in good condition and preferably not tampered with for acceptance. The amount paid is calculated less insurance and shipping costs incurred in delivering these packages to clients.
  • Fast and secure shipping: The Company has been in the fore-line in assuring customer in getting supplies irrespective of places they are located. Order on coins is received and processed within 24 hours. The buyer does not pay any amount on these items since the whole cost is covered by the company. Your precious metals arrive at your doorstep from the vault within seven days or less. It is advisable you put your signature on the delivery book to prove you received the right package.
  • Maximizing your profit potential: The Company sells genuine metals that are acceptable by traders and banks. The metals are generated by the government Mint thus are pure and on right qualities and weight. You should not feel worried at any instance because everything will be safe on assets that you purchase.
  • The only company led by a former Mint director: Philip N. Dielh is the president of US Money Reserve. He worked as the Mint Director in the government. His knowledge of producing these coins has enabled stable production and stability of the value of these coins.