Securus Technologies Combats Contraband Wireless Devices

I believe that Securus Technologies is the largest provider of civil and criminal justice technology services that enhances public safety, corrections and monitoring, and investigations. The entity has exhibited a continuous commitment to delivering world-class solutions to its customers’ needs. The company has announced the activation of additional Wireless Containment Solution (WCS). Recently, Securus installed WCS in a specified facility. Presently, it is combating illegal contraband cell phones in the facility from reaching the commercial cell phone network. Apart from preventing illegal network access, the technology collects electronic identity of contraband mobiles and offers actionable data and intelligence to facilitate the prevention of crimes by the investigation team.

I have seen many providers attempting to offer managed access solutions severally. However, they have failed due to lack of the required technology and professionalism. Others have managed to identify cell phone signals, but lacked the necessary technology. Securus’ WCS bars unauthorized calls from accessing the network, especially where they can cause harm to inmates, family, friends, officers, victims, and other people in the community. Richard A. Smith, the chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc, applauded the State Departments of Corrections for exhibiting aggressive efforts in fighting the issue of unauthorized communications in facilities.

Richard added that states are installing Wireless Containment Solutions technology for the safety of the public. Richard’s team is determined to provide innovative solutions to help correctional facilities manage their problems in the United States. WCS incorporates advanced and unique technologies that controls and manages all illegal cellular devices within a controlled area of a prison. At the same time, it enables authorized communications as required by an agency. Smith explained that their customers’ complaints concerning the threats posed by inmates’ possession of contraband cell phones pushed them to establish a solution that would stop the illegal use of the same. It is my belief that their approach would help improve security both inside and outside correctional facilities. This information was originally published on PRNewswire.


About Securus Technologies, Inc

Securus Technology is based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1986. The company has offices in Carrollton, Allen, Texas, Georgia and Atlanta. The company serves thousands of law enforcement officers, public safety, and correctional agencies. It provides them with simple and powerful technology solutions that are easy to use. With an able team of engineers, technologists, thinkers and designers, Securus Technologies offers unrivaled services in the industry. Their services allow families and friends to connect with the incarcerated, correctional facility staff, emergency dispatchers and responders to victims. They offer unique services such as emergency response, information management, communication, monitoring products and services, inmate self-service and incident management.