Roberto Santiago Was Right On Target With His Concept For The Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago had the vision responsible for the Manaira shopping mall. He put a lot of thought into the project prior to becoming the founder. The mall is appealing for every walk of life including children, teenagers, mall goers, the middle-aged and the elderly. The experience is exceptional because Roberto Santiago has changed the way people are looking at shopping malls. The mall comes to life with a combination of events, activities and music. People feel welcomed by the mall and feel the experience is both unique and a lot of fun.


Roberto Santiago both built and owns the Manaira shopping mall. This mall has not only been recognized as the largest in the Paraiba state of Brazil but has also been recognized as one of the biggest malls anywhere in the country. Roberto Santiago chose to place his mall in the neighborhood Manaira in Joao Pessoa. This provided him with the status of reaching great heights in the entrepreneurial and business worlds. This is part of the reason he has become so influential in Brazil.


One of the most spectacular aspects of the Manaira shopping mall is the theatre. It manages to be both affordable and high end at the same time. People come to this theatre for an exceptional movie experience. This is due to the comfort of the high class seats, the high quality of the video and the sound’s clear definition. This is one of many reasons a gold standard has been set by the Manaira regarding the shopping malls located in Brazil.


The tourists and the Brazilians already know exactly where the Manaira shopping mall can be found. This has become one of the most common destinations for tourists and Brazilians alike. The neighborhood Manaira in Joao Pessoa was already an incredibly popular destination for the locals before the mall was ever built. Despite this, the traffic in the area has significantly increased as people flock to the mall. Roberto Santiago put a great deal of thought into the best possible place to build his mall. He wanted to make certain the avenues and streets in Manaira could easily access the mall. This meant the only place was in the center of the city. This way all the people visiting the historical city could appreciate the updated activities and modern architecture provided by the Manaira mall.


The leisure activities provided by the mall are right on target. Every day there are national musicians and bands playing and drawing crowds. Awards have already honored the cinema due to the roomy atmosphere and the 3D rooms. This technology was not common when Roberto Santiago built the mall. His insight, ideas, follow through and concept have made the Manaira mall one of the most popular in Brazil.