Personal Pregnancy Experience

WHEN A LIFE HAS BEGUN WITHIN YOU, it soon becomes clear that you’re about to view pretty much everything in a whole new way.

Suddenly, there are a lot of decisions to be made with a little one’s point of view in mind.

The first decision, not to mention one of the most important ones: Which group of doctors and nurses will make the journey with you?

Princeton Baptist Medical Center has a suggestion for you.


Experience childbirth in a loving environment as unique and beautiful as your baby, with:

  • Board-certified physicians
  • Birmingham’s most experienced and caring nurses
  • A room that’s more “fine hotel” than hospital

CALL US TODAY at 1-877-222-7847

A Personalized Pregnancy Experience Specialist will answer any questions you have and even arrange a personal tour of our newly renovated facility.

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Newly renovated rooms that are more “fine hotel” than hospital feature a bright and modern color palette. Other amenities include a plasma screen television, a mini-refrigerator and a couch that converts to a full size sleeping bed for dad or a family member.

Princeton Obstretrics Waiting Room

Our newly rennovated main waiting area is bright and open and features modern and comfortable seating as well as a large television.


Bright pink and blue bows adorn the doors on our newly rennovated women’s unit and welcome the arrival of new baby girls and boys.