Lime Crime’s Revolutionary Stance on Cosmetics

The cosmetic industry is one of the most popular industries in the world. This multi-billion dollar business has thousands of products and brands worldwide, but many of these brands simply offer similar products. Many of the tried and true brands are still around, but there is a new kid on the block and it’s making headlines. Have you ever heard of Lime Crime?


Lime Crime has taken cosmetics to another level by introducing some of the most contemporary and exciting products. This small brand is the very definition of eclectic thanks to it’s wide range of exotic colors. The face of beauty is changing and this brand is revolutionizing the game. Founder Doe Deere and her friends have always found joy by dressing up and applying make-up during their get-togethers as little girls. What made the future female entrepreneur so different was that Deere loved experimenting with vivid and brilliant colors unlike her friends. Who knew at the time that this wild fashion sense would pay huge dividends years later. Doe Deere loved to use heavy, darker tones for cosmetics as well which gave her a sense of rebellion and freedom. From this mind set, Deere was actually building the structure for what was to come.


The brand came into fruition around 2004 as this future entrepreneur would develop and model her very own products through her eBay account. By 2008, this brand went from a (do-it-yourself make-up line to a nationwide inspiration. There are no prejudices as female and males were encouraged to wear the products. Doe Deere stands out even more by being (Cruelty-Free) and Vegan produced. This action gives consumers a safer way to enjoy their items without any harsh side effects unlike other brands. Having a vegan/cruelty-free ingredient formula, individuals won’t have to worry about acne, oily, or dry skin after use. The company’s flagship “liquid to matte” lipstick has transcended the game by having no crumble effects, is transfer proof, and it stays on much more longer than standard lipsticks. The velvetines are another fan favorite as they contain no-animal derived ingredients. With continued success in this overcrowded field, Lime Crime will easily become one of the most sought after brands of the 21st Century.