Innovative Leadership & Philanthropy — Vinod Gupta

Early Success


Vinod Gupta is an Indian born businessman. He attended spent time in the Indian military and then went on to receive his Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Nebraska. His first job in the United States was for a mobile home manufacturing company. Vinod Gupta saw opportunity in this industry and took a loan out from a bank and with strategy, turned that $100 loan into a multimillion dollar company.


The company grew to employ nearly two thousand employees and was eventually sold for over 600 million dollars in 2010. After selling the company, Vinod Gupta created an investment company who invests in start-up technology companies known as Everest Group. Gupta is the current CEO of the organization. Once he parted ways and sold his company infoFree in 2010, Vinod Gupta took it upon himself to be an active philanthropist and give back. His leadership & initiative to be an active philanthropist are telling signs of Vinod Gupta’s success.


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Investing Into Education & Donating to Charity


An astonishing fact about Vinod Gupta is that he has pledged to donate all of his wealth to charities. A large portion of Vinod Gupta’s philanthropy efforts have been in education. He has established schools in India for business and management. Vinod recognized that he would not have been such a success if it was not for his education. His schools have state of the art equipment and have all of the necessary resources students need to be successful. In addition, Vinod Gupta donated $1 million to a womens university which was a first of its kind in the country. Gupta‚Äôs revolutionary efforts have been able to place students in positions to flourish in their career fields.