How Paul Herdsman Provides Coveted Jobs In Jamaica

Nice Global is a near-shoring company with a call center in Jamaica. One of its co-founders is Paul Herdsman who splits his time between that nation and Florida where his home and main office is located. He says that one of the best organizations he partnered with to help his company and Jamaican workers is Heart Trust.


Paul Herdsman says that he wants to provide opportunities for employment to young Jamaicans which include the ability to move up at NICE Global. Heart Trust is an organization which trains and certifies people so that they can get jobs in the near-shoring industry. The people they help get enough skills to find an entry-level position in this industry while also giving them the foundational skills they need to progress their careers beyond that.


Paul Herdsman says that he has been impressed with the employees his company has hired through Heart Trust. He has founded them to be smart and dedicated employees who are passionate about what they do. He says that he and his senior management team feel really lucky to have these people working for them.


Akeem Dongegam is somebody that Paul Herdsman hired through Heart Trust. Akeem started out in an entry-level position and is now a sales team leader. He says that he and completed nine courses at Cornwall College, but he couldn’t afford to attend college any longer. He was able to attend Heart College of Innovation and Technology HCIT, though, which put him on the path of success at NICE Global. He was promoted within a year at Paul Herdsman’s company to a sales agent position and not long after that to his present position at the company.


More About NICE Global and their partnership with Heart Trust is in this LINK.


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