How Did Boraie Development Plan Their Newest Project Known As Shaq Towers

Shaw Towers is actually One Rector Street, and it is the first residential highrise in Newark in 50 years. This is a project that had Shaquille O’Neal as a major investor, but it still falls in line with the redevelopment plans of the city and Boraie Development. This article describes how One Rector Street became such a huge win for Newark. Check out



#1: They Are Helping Rebuild Newark


Newark, New Jersey is in the middle of a rebuilding phase that is largely led by Boraise Development. The company has been in New Jersey for four decades, and they have built many projects over that time that have helped communities grow. The highrise at One Rector Street is not just a place to live. This is a place that will grow commerce in that part of the city.


#2: The Unveiling


According to NJBiz, the unveiling of Shaq Towers featured Shaquille O’Neal and the staff from Boraie Development. The unveiling was an opportunity for the company to explain to the community how they want to help them grow. There are many businesses in the area that may grow along with this highrise, and they all benefit from the people who move into the tower and work in the area.


#3: The View


This is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, and it has a view of the river that is second-to-none. The businesses that sit along the river have a constant reminder that more people are coming. Each business may grow on its own, and more businesses are sure to follow. This is a fantastic place to move if someone is new to the area, and young professionals may choose this highrise because it is new.


#4: Investing In New Jersey


Boraie Development is investing in New Jersey, and they have brought in the Shaquille O’Neal because they want to have a face on these new projects. Shaq is committed to helping urban areas grow, and his presence at the unveiling ceremony was enough to encourage the community. People who have lived in this part of Newark for a long time see a new day coming.


Boraie founder Omar Boraie has long been a proponent of New Jersey, and he is committing millions of dollars every year to make his home state a better place to live. The company is helping cities grow, and they are working with city councils to find land that should be developed.



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