Examples of Securus Technologies “Wowing” Customers

Have you heard of Securus Technologies? I have not until reading an article that ran in PR Newswire. The article highlighted testimonials from real clients that either wrote in or emailed to share specific instances of how Securus’ technology platform have helped.


The one I found most compelling regarded a phone monitoring system. Securus Technologies provides phone services to over a million inmates. However, these phone calls are also monitored, which inmates may forget or not be aware of. According to a specific testimonial, one inmate who was awaiting trial was coaxing his younger brother, who had no criminal record himself, to lie on the stand about his alibi in order for the inmate to not be convicted. The brother could have been accused of perjury. Thanks to Securus, the call was recorded and the police team actually turned the recording over to the person prosecuting the inmate and it was used as evidence for his trial. If that isn’t swift and apt justice, I don’t know what is!


Another testimonial talked about being grateful for the consistent innovation that Securus Technologies provides. Early in the article, Securus’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Richard or “Rick” Smith, was quoted saying that on average, they roll out a new product or a new service every week that helps meet the needs of corrections officers and law enforcement teams. That’s a pretty major accomplishment! The company is a true innovator in its field. Securus is based out of Dallas, Texas and employs over 500 people. It also has regional hubs across the United States, including Atlanta, Georgia.


Not only does Securus offer seucirty platforms, it also works with over one million inmates and detainees across North America to give them access to mobile phones to contact their loved ones.