EOS Lip Balm Ranks Number 2 and Surpasses ChapStick

Chapstick and Blistex has been the leading lip balm companies for decades. They came in an unattractive tube that offered little to no variants in color or flavors. There was little to no room for competition between these as store owners based their predictions on people tendency to gravitate towards the same items over and over because it was trusted and habit. But EOS lip balm broke the barrier about 7 years ago. No advertisements were done as the company focused on production and distribution.

It was hard to get on the shelves at places like Kohls, Walmart, Ulta and Target. EOS lip balm changed how lip balm was viewed. No longer was the packaging and variety bland, but instead it was changed completely. It came in pastel orbs, a huge difference from the cylinder like appearance the older brands carried. But it didn’t stop there, the flavors went beyond 2. Passion Fruit, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Grapefruit are to name a few.

As it seems mum’s the word, once EOS hit the stores, it went from there. Celebrities were seen out pulling the cute, little orbs from their bags and applying it. This created that consumer buzz that caused the demands to climb. Soon after, Cosmo and Allure ran ads that created more awareness. As EOS lip balm continues to climb, now ranking number 2 and surpassing its competitor, Chapstick, the company opens up on what their strategy was. With EOS lip balm being a small start-up company, they didn’t want to sink a large chunk of money in advertising. They pretty much let their product do the advertising and it did. Kline Research estimates the companies worth to be over $2 billion dollars in the next 3 years. Consumers now lean towards the more natural and organic products and EOS specializes in that.

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