Dr. Mofid is a qualified surgeon who is based in America. The doctor’s research on making implants safer during gluteal augmentation is a big milestone in the cosmetic surgery world.

Dr. Mark Mofid has been known to put his patient’s interests first while performing any procedure. It is this passion that propelled him to research further on gluteal augmentation and to make it safer. The procedure which was more popular in Brazil is catching up fast in the U.S. In fact, the doctor has worked closely with the renowned Brazilian Doctor Raul Gonzalez.

Through a lot of extensive research, the experienced doctor came up with a superior kind of gluteal implant. This new cosmetic surgery product has been received well this is because it has a better outlook, advanced intramuscular positioning, better ratios and a low profile. In addition to this, Dr. Mark Mofid is on a mission to show patients that gluteal augmentation is a safe procedure.


Before Dr. Mofid came up with a better gluteal implant the other implants that were on the market had various mishaps. This includes an affinity to sagging, they were made of a generic material which didn’t fit well with the normal body muscle structure of a normal human being. The doctor has been researching on better implants for more than eight years. Right from the moment, he got into the world of gluteal augmentation he knew that he was destined to make a big change in it. The doctor’s deeper knowledge of the body’s anatomy which includes the muscle system, fats and skin have assisted him a lot in his journey.


Prior to acquiring a medical degree, Dr. Mark Mofid first got his undergraduate at the Harvard University. Thereafter he trained in general surgery. Then he got his fellowship in plastic surgery and advanced craniofacial research from the medical school of John Hopkins. In addition to having his own practices in La Jolla and the San Diego area, Mr. Mofid is also a staff surgeon in various other hospitals in the area.

Dr. Mark Mofid is also a fellow at the American College of Surgeons and a part of the plastic surgery board of America. He has written several publications on the topic of reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery.