Doctors and Nurses

The most important thing on the day of your baby’s birth…

is the group of medical professionals who will be by your side. And when you chose Princeton, you’ll be in the care of experienced doctors and nurses who will feel like family.

Get to know the caring Obstetrician who will help guide you throughout your pregnancy.

Baptist Health Centers – Princeton OB/Gyn
1925 Ave E Ensley
Birmingham, AL 35218
Phone: 205-788-5164
Fax: 205-788-5167

Mon – Fri 8-5

Simon Williamson Clinic
832 Princeton Ave SW
Birmingham, AL
(205) 206-8477
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BHS Regions FieldDr. Rowell Ashford II, MD; FACOG, OB/Gyn

“I am thankful to have the privilege to participate in the miracle of birth with our patients. I also cherish the fact we can offer advanced surgical techniques for our patients at a state of the art surgical facility at Princeton Hospital.”

Arizona State University, B.S. Microbiology
Medical School: University of California at San Francisco
Residency: University of Alabama at Birmingham, Obstetrics and Gynecology

bell-high-00056Dr. Emily Bell, MD; FACOG, OB/Gyn

“Being an OB/Gyn had provided me with the unique and wonderful opportunity to take care of the gynecology needs of women of all ages, including adolescents. Also, as an OB/GYN, I enjoy delivering babies and witnessing the miracle of life.”

Tuskeegee Institute, BS Chemical Engineering
Medical School: University of Alabama School of Medicine
Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals

Dr. Susanna Carter, MD; OB/Gyn
Simon Williamson Clinic

Brown University, BA
Medical School: University of Alabama School of Medicine
Residency: University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, OB/Gyn


Dr. Jesanna Cooper, MD; OB/Gyndr jesanna cooper
Simon Williamson Clinic

“I chose the field of OB/Gyn because I am a passionate advocate for women’s health. As a physician I enjoy helping women make informed choices and empower themselves when it comes to their health. I also love being able to help bring new life into the world and never cease to be humbled and amazed each time I deliver a new baby.”

University of Texas
Medical School: University of Alabama School of Medicine
Residency: Beth Israel Medical Center at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine