Cotemar Mexico: Expertise in Reliable Gulf of Mexico Drilling

Cotemar Mexico is a Mexican company specializing in off-shore drilling and shipping in the Gulf of Mexico. They work with client companies like PEMEX-Mexico’s largest oil producer-to extract the oil so that it can then be convert into fuel and other products. Some of Cotemar’s main areas of expertise include Asset Solutions, Operational Support along with Asset Integrity Management and Maintenance and Engineering, Procurement, Construction(EPC).

Under these umbrella areas they can perform various functions such as water treatment, pipe installation, production facilities startup, heavy lifting and relocation, office setup, specialized vessels and supply docks, among many others.

Started in 1979, Cotemar Mexico is a private company that works with clients to help reduce the costs of their petroleum projects and builds long-term relationships, so that clients can depend on their work not just for one-off projects.

The company also makes investments for its workers. For example, it has awarded contracts to accommodation rigs, such as the Safe Hibernia rig. Such rigs allow workers a place to sleep and work while working out at sea.

Besides providing offshore drilling services they also sell drilling supplies and, according to SF Bay Area Productions, due to investments in new technology that the oil industry has been pursuing, these supplies can be offered for less now than in the past. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

This industry has come under scrutiny lately for safety and environmental issues. Perhaps as a result of this Cotemar has sought to have less of an environmental footprint.

They have also sought to invest in worker safety. In 2012, they started using RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology from AeroScout, a California-based company. This technology allows for real-time determination of worker whereabouts. Using RFID also allows for better billing so that time workers spend in places like the dining and laundry facilities can be determined more accurately.

Cotemar seeks a solid work-life balance for its employees as well as company engagement in the community. They do this by supporting cultural and health-related activities. They also support environmental efforts like tree planting and seek to operate their business so that there is minimal environmental impact.