Bridget Scarr: An exceptional Producer

Bridget Scarr is a successful media personnel, an innovative producer and a writer. She is very talented in developing creative content that extends across various platforms. Her compelling art has been used in digital content, interactive exhibitions, virtual reality, augmented reality and television shows. Bridget`s intellectual and emotional projects have reached all kinds of audiences, from around the world.


Bridget Scarr is a season Exec Producer, who has worked in the production industry for more than 15 years. During her experience, Bridget participated in creating television, animation and advertisement content. She oversaw the development of creative talents and innovative production outputs. Bridget supervised productions teams with members that ranged from 5 to 220 people. Such groups include drama, entertainment, factual entertainment programming and children`s animation.


Scarr worked with several partners, from 2008 to 2015, to establish Pollen Creative Media. The organization started with a capital of $10, 000, and grew to a multimillionaire company. Her generosity and dedication, to help new companies, has been appreciated by most international organizations. She has been involved in award-winning projects, Tv shows and brands. Bridget has helped Pollen`s subsidiary companies to advertise and broadcast, branded content, in digital media.


Bridget heads one of the departments at Colibri Studios, known as Content Development Strategy and Partnership. She deals with the constant development of projects. She also collaborates with creative talents, project partners and international broadcasters to bring new projects to life. Colibri Studio was the best place for Bridget, to transition from Television content to creative development. The company offers a wide range of projects, that are vital to the growth of new talents.


Scarr is successful because of her effective time management. She is always busy, thinking about her business objectives and solutions to daily challenges. She always ensures that she does extensive research on her content. This enables her to come up with original content. Bridget Scarr enjoys reading books and emails, watching TV episodes and taking a walk in the park. She understands that her mind requires sufficient rest to work perfectly.


In bringing ideas to life, Bridget ensures that she understands the background of the narrative. She must relate the history of the plot to the people. Scarr incorporates technology to develop reality to the users. She identifies the feasible content and determines the development that is required to bring the narrative to life. Afterwards, Scarr selects projects partners or a team, that is best suited to handle the story.


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