Benefits of the Personal Pregnancy Experience

In addition to the friendly and reassuring expert medical care we’ve told you about, when you choose Princeton, you’ll get these benefits included automatically:

Before you have your baby…

  • A Personal Pregnancy Coach who will guide you through the entire process of having your baby at Princeton and make sure you get all of these benefits.
  • A copy of the book, “What to Expect When Your Baby Comes Home.” It’s an informative book on what the first months are like at home with your new baby.
  • Reassuring educational courses will help new mothers know what to expect and remind experienced moms of some things they may have forgotten (topics include Breastfeeding, C-Sections, Labor and Deliver procedures, Post-Partum Care and Newborn Care).

After you have your baby, you’ll get things like…

  • A special memento to remember your special day.
  • A handy car organizer.
  • A free car seat for when it’s time to take your baby home (with completion of Neonatal Class).
  • Free lactation services.
  • An online nursery, so friends and family can check in on your new arrival from anywhere in the world.
  • A special in-hospital celebration of your baby’s birth.
  • A free going-home kit.

Now you know what we mean when we say high-touch service!

When you and your new baby go home,
you’ll receive helpful items like the ones pictured here.

Treat yourself to the Personalized Birthing Experience, available only at Princeton Baptist Medical Center.